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Liz Dress in Floral

$ 68.00
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Introducing the Liz dress! This one is special to me because it’s named after my mom. You guys. My mom is legit.  I’m SO proud to be her daughter. She raised my sister and me to be strong and grounded in the Lord and to see life with no boundaries. My mom knows who she is and is a rock for our family. Side funny note about this Mom of mine... she is 100% Italian (heritage) but has dug her roots into her Mexican side (0% heritage, 100% wannabe) and this little salsa summer dress is for her so she can always feel like she’s “home” in Baja. Thank you, Mom, for always believing in me and most importantly loving me hard so I learned how to love my girls the same😘
*Proudly made in the USA
*Upper is Lined

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