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What is in a name?
A few years ago, during my engagement to be married, amidst all the bridal bliss and wedding planning, my mother stumbled upon a Yiddish word in an article that has no exact English translation. “Kvell” is a feeling of indescribable joy and pride, such as the feeling a mother has as she watches her daughter walk down the aisle. On my wedding day, my mother said that her feelings toward me could only be described as kvell. I found it fitting to use this feeling for a children’s clothing line; after all, our children are the ones that bring us indescribable joy and pride. I am completely Cavelle over the opportunity to share this clothing line with you and dress the little ones in your life.

Unique Designer Kids Clothes
Cavelle Kids is a designer baby and kid's clothing company filled with imagination and playfulness, designed with love, and proudly made in the USA. Each season, Cavelle Kids brings imagination to life with the inspiration of a fairy tale retold and brought to life in each designer boys and girls clothes.

Boys and Girls Designer Clothing
Cavelle Kids offers a refined approach to children's clothing by combining different fabric textures and bringing new technology to the children's apparel market. The fit and comfort of each piece is obsessed over, so your special little ones will feel as good as they look. The boy's line includes shorts, pants, and boys shirts that are both perfectly tailored and durable for the active little boy in your life. Little girls will adore the girl's jackets and skirts that are carefully pleated and fitted, along with coordinating blouses, sweaters, and dresses with feminine lines and ruffles.

Each piece of baby and kids clothing is filled with detail inside and out of the garment, down to each stitch and fiber. The pieces are uniquely designed with your child's style and comfort in mind. The luxurious machine-washable fabrics will make your child not want to take them off. It is our hope that Cavelle Kids, will be a place to come to for those one-of-a-kind designer kid's clothing must-haves.

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